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Hell and Back Challenge

Hell and Back Challenge

Hell and Back Team's Inspirational Journey for Life After Loss

We are thrilled to share an inspiring update from our adventurous team. This past Saturday, they tackled the grueling 8km obstacle course at the Hell and Back Challenge in Co. Wicklow. It was an adrenaline-fueled journey from start to finish, filled with challenges and triumphs that tested their limits.

Participating in this challenge was more than just an opportunity for physical endurance; it was a heartfelt mission to support Life After Loss. This incredible charity provides essential support to individuals affected by the loss of a baby. Our team's effort in the challenge mirrors our commitment to helping those facing this profound grief.

Thanks to their determination and your unwavering support, the Gaffer Group Trucks Division successfully raised £680 for this noble cause. In a wonderful display of community spirit, the Gaffer Group generously added to this amount, bringing the total donation to a remarkable £800.

We want to extend our deepest appreciation to every participant and supporter. Your involvement in this event and your contributions have made a significant difference.

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