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Eurocargo 4x4

Meet the Eurocargo 4x4: Ready for Any Terrain

The Eurocargo 4x4, available in day or sleeper cabs, is built tough for off-road challenges with a front towing jaw, steel bumpers, protective grilles, and retractable steps. It features permanent all-wheel drive, a gross vehicle weight of 11.5 to 15 tons, and various wheelbases. Suspension options include parabolic or semi-elliptical leaf springs, with single or twin wheel versions.

Powered by IVECO Tector 7 engines (220, 250, 280 Hp) with a 6-speed manual gearbox, it offers an integrated Power Take-Off (PTO) option. An automatic gearbox variant with double reduction drive axles is also available, ensuring balanced power distribution with its 2-speed torque transfer box.

For superior traction, the Eurocargo 4x4 has three differential locks, easily controlled by the driver, providing reliable grip in low-traction situations. An automatic disengagement system for the locks activates above 25 km/h for safety and efficiency. Eurocargo 4x4: Your reliable partner for every off-road mission.


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IVECO Eurocargo 4x4
IVECO Eurocargo 4X4
Eurocargo Dimensions
Eurocargo Dimensions

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