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The Truck The City Likes, A Business Partner For Everyone

The Eurocargo stands as an eco-friendly and efficient solution for urban tasks and municipal functions.


Its design caters to a range of urban demands including delivery, waste management, and road services.


Notably, its compact design, with a narrow cab and large steering angle, enables remarkable maneuverability, making it a standout in its category for navigating tight city spaces.


This versatility, combined with its optimal turning radius, positions the Eurocargo as an indispensable ally for businesses operating in urban settings.

Eurocargo Tipper

3 Facts About the New IVECO Eurocargo

  1. -8% Fuel​ Consumption ​On Urban Deliveries

  2. From 160 to 320 HP Engine Power

  3. 4265​ to 10175mm ​Body Length

Eurocargo Curtainside

Choose The Right Eurocargo To Satisfy Your Business Needs

Eurocargo Dimensions
Eurocargo Dimensions

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